Inspect Parts Without Using CAD Models



Inspecting a part in PolyWorks|Inspector™ with the support of a CAD model is not always an option. While using CAD models is a very efficient way of getting the nominal geometry required for performing an alignment, obtaining measurement deviations, and driving measurement guidance, when they are not available you can perform part inspection just as well. The part can be correctly positioned within a coordinate system, nominal values can be entered to report deviations, guidance is still available to help operators acquire data, and inspecting a set of parts remains a simple process.

In just 15 minutes, you will discover how to do the following when inspecting parts using a probing device and no CAD models:

  • Use measured geometry to create coordinate systems and align the part using nominal coordinates
  • Use the DRO and measurement acceptance criteria to provide guidance and to prevent errors
  • Report measurement deviations by entering nominal values
  • Measure a set of parts with Play Inspection

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